What an evening....
Monday, September 14, 2009

Gods it has been the evening of all evenings. It all started at 6pm when I went to let the dogs out and realised that my eldest cat, Ollie, had been outside since I let him out at 3pm. Not so bad you would say, but this is a cat that only goes outside for 10 mins maximum a day. Poor lamb was not a happy chappy when he stomped indoors. I had to placitate him with a nice bowl of kitty biscuits. Although I imagine he has got my card marked tonight..I don't think he will be coming for his evening cuddle.

Later I went to put some stuff away in the cupboard and as I opened the door out fell an unopened glass bottle of extra virgin olive oil. Ack this went everywhere, all over the kitchen floor/the shopping in the cloth bag on the floor and my feet!! Oh what joy!! The floor got a complete and thorough mop over - it is looking really clean and sparkly and the added bonus is that it has had a feed of olive oil. Wouldn't be so bad if it was a cheap bottle but it wasn't..

Then to complete the disaster I found out that I had a sliver of the glass bottle in my foot, oh great!! So that was a bit of a messy job getting this out, but after a thorough wash my feet have now been totally moisturised with Olive Oil.

To top it all D came home early from work. I had totally forgotten he was at an client appointment in the afternoon so he would be on the early coach. Thankfully it was a Monday and it is stir fry day :-)

Oh and guess what? Asda boxed pizzas have shrunk!! The last pizza I had from them was the size of my dinner plate, well it actually went to the edge. This one is a good inch smaller all round.. Not far at all..

Think I will have an early night with my new book, "How to Clean Your Home FAST", tonight.
Flying towards my dreams @9:17 pm

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